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All our moving kits contain a mixture of large boxes, small boxes and tape. Some of our moving kits will be more suitable for different types of moves. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Small Box Kit

£99.99+ VAT

    20 Large Boxes 10 Small Boxes 2 Rolls of Tape

Medium Box Kits

£129.99+ VAT

    30 Large Boxes 10 Small Boxes 3 Rolls of Tape

Large Box Kits

£159.99+ VAT

    40 Large Boxes 10 Small Boxes 4 Rolls of Tape

X Large Box Kits

£199.99+ VAT

    50 Large Boxes 20 Small Boxes 6 Rolls of Tape

Individual Prices

As well as our moving kits you can also purchase individual packaging supplies to help with your move. Below we have listed a number of the products we have available.


Small Box

    £2.50 (Plus VAT) 47cm (W) x35cm (H) x35cm (L)

Large Box

    £2.95 (Plus VAT) 57CM (W) x45cm (H) x34cm (L)

Wardrobe Box

    £12.00 (Plus VAT) 5 Ft Tall

TV Box

    £12.55 (Plus VAT) up to 55 inch TV

Tapes, Covers and Wraps


    £2.00 (Per Roll) (Plus VAT)

Mattress Cover

    £9.50 (Plus VAT)

Export Wrap (Large)

    £99.00 (Plus VAT)

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